Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Update: New Mobile App Experience

Access Sweeps anywhere with the Sweeps mobile App.

Sweeps is constantly working to be better and more user friendly, which includes our web and Mobile applications. Speaking of mobile, Sweeps has upgraded the mobile app on both Android and IOS for smartphones. All of your Sweeps are accessible with one touch on the “My Sweeps” tab. You can also check out our featured Sweeps with a touch of the “Featured Sweeps” tab.

Each Sweeps will be filtered for the amount of time it has left for you to play. You can also use the “summary” tab to check your all-time winnings, the number of entries you’ve had and the amount of Sweeps you’ve entered. You can also check your available credits to get additional entries.

Check out our app for Android.
Check out our app for IOS. 

Because it's on Shop Your Way, it's a safe place to play.

By: Jimmy Musial, Community Moderator

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Update: NEW! Essay Contests

This week in Sweeps, we are unveiling a new type of contest--an essay contest.

With the Power of Persuasion Contest, we're giving away a 16.1MP digital camera, valued at $199.99.

How do you enter? You simply write a short essay as a message to the contest topic page, explaining why you should win the camera.

Members will vote on their favorite by "liking" the message of their choice. The top ten messages with the most "likes" will end up in the finalists, where the Sweeps judges will select a winner based on how convincing his or her pitch is, along with creativity, overall quality in the message and community enthusiasm for his or her entry.

This contest ends March 6, 2014. View the Power of Persuasion Contest Topic Page to read the current entries. You'll want to "Follow" the page to receive updates about the contest.

By: Laura Meyer, Copywriter

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sweepstakes vs. Contests: What's the difference?

Our name is Sweeps, and we run contests and sweepstakes. But what’s the difference?

When you enter a sweepstakes, you are put in a pool of entries that has the potential to be selected as a winner. Every sweepstakes winner is randomly selected.

Contests are different; they are based on skill and content, and the finalists are chosen by our members. Our contests can either have catalog creations, posting a photo, caption a photo of our choosing and other new options coming soon. The content is based on the criteria listed in the official rules. Members “vote” for their favorites and this creates our pool of finalists. Our panel of judges then choose the winner from the finalists, based on the quality of the content and the effort put into the entry.

So in essence, sweepstakes winners are chosen randomly, contests are chosen based on skill and the quality of the content, but both are part of Sweeps.

By: Jimmy Musial, Community Moderator