About Shop Your Way Sweepstakes

Play our sweepstakes, contests and instant win games to win prizes like vacations, cars, VIP events, makeovers and Shop Your Way points.

Win free stuff with Shop Your Way sweepstakes! Do you enjoy playing online sweepstakes and free contests? Do you like winning prizes? With Sweeps by Shop Your Way, you can win prizes from Sears, Kmart and more. 

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Q: What's Shop Your Way Rewards?
A: It's our free membership program that lets you earn and/or redeem points ON QUALIFIYING PURCHASES every time you shop with us.

Q: How am I eligible to participate in Sweeps?
A: You must be a registered Bonus Shop Your Way member. A Bonus Shop Your Way member has provided us a valid, opted-in email address. Your opt-in allows you to receive promotional emails from Shop Your Way to earn bonus points or receive offers, updates and sales alerts from Sears and Shop Your Way participating merchants.

Q: How do I know if I am a Bonus Shop Your Way member?
A: If you are trying to enter a sweepstakes and you are not able to click-thru to enter it is likely because you are a Base member and need to upgrade your status to Bonus member. Visit your Account Settings on Shop Your Way and confirm that the email you have provided is a valid email. If not, you can edit and save a new email address. Also, make sure that you have the box checked for "Send Bonus Offers to my Email". Try to enter again.

Q: Can I enter a Sweeps App sweepstakes more than one time?
A: Each individual sweepstakes is set up with its own unique requirements and limits. Some sweepstakes may allow for multiple entries. Please see the specific sweepstakes landing page and the sweepstakes' Official Rules for full details.

Q: What if I click "Get Started Now" but do not complete all of tasks required - is my sweepstakes entry still recorded?
A: No, as a condition for entry a member must complete all of the tasks associated with the pre-entry criteria in order to receive their entry. On your "My Sweepstakes Entries" tab you will be able to track how many of the required tasks have been completed at any point in time. You will receive an online confirmation and we may send you an email when we have officially recorded your entry.

Q: Is a purchase required to enter a Sweeps App sweepstakes?
A: No. If we run a sweepstakes that includes purchase method of entry, there will always be an alternate free method of entry available.

Q: What are the prizes for Sweeps App sweepstakes?
A: Prizes will vary by sweepstakes including Shop Your Way Rewards points, exclusive merchandise and trips, digital awards and products. Please see the specific sweepstakes landing page and the sweepstakes’ Official Rules for full details.

Q: How many prizes could I win?
A: One prize per sweepstakes. But, you can win more than one sweepstakes.

Q: When will the prize drawing be conducted?
A: The sweepstakes drawing will typically take place shortly after the promotion ends. See the Official Rules for the expected drawing date.

Q: When can I expect to receive my prize if I win?
A: Shop Your Way Rewards points will be credited to your account approximately 1-2 weeks after verification of winner. Physical prizes will be fulfilled within 8-10 weeks of verification of winner.

Q: How will I know if I'm a Sweeps App Sweepstakes winner?
A: Winners will be notified via an online news feed story and will also receive an email confirmation with details surrounding fulfillment of the prize.

 Q: Can Sears Holdings Associates participate in Sweepstakes?
A: This may vary by sweepstakes. Please see the specific sweepstakes landing page and the sweepstakes' Official Rules for full details.

Q: Where can Shop Your Way Rewards points be redeemed?
A: At any participating store on Eligible Products. For example, you may redeem at Sears, Kmart, Lands' End or mygofer.com. If you have any questions regarding redemption, please call us at 1-800-991-8708.

Q: How can I confirm that my Shop Your Way Rewards points have been deposited in my account?
A: Check your balance on ShopYourWay.com under Account History. Sweepstake points will be identified as "Shop Your Way Rewards Sweepstakes' Award" in the description.

Q: What are Lifetime Credits?
A: Lifetime Credits represent your Sweeps activity throughout the history of your Shop Your Way membership. You get credits by interacting with, entering and sharing sweepstakes. Lifetime Credits do not decrease through use. Lifetime credits are what your Level in Sweeps is based on.

Q: What are Available Credits?
A: Available Credits are the credits you can use to get an entry or additional entries into sweepstakes. They are your Lifetime Credits less any credits you have already used. Available Credits are the basis of your standing in the Available Credits Leaderboard.

Q: How can I use credits to get additional entries into a sweepstakes?
A: After initially entering a sweepstakes by completing the detailed action steps provided, you may gain additional entries into the sweepstakes by using 100 Available Credits per entry. For sweepstakes which allow up to three entries (one initial entry, plus two additional entries), you may get both the additional entries with credits. For sweepstakes which allow up to 15 entries (one initial entry, plus 14 additional entries), you may get a maximum of five additional entries with credits. The remainder can be obtained by completing the additional actions described for each sweepstakes. You may not use credits for entry into a contest. Some Sweeps require participation in another affinity program in order to enter by any method. Other restrictions may apply. See the Official Rules of each Sweeps for full details.

Q: Where can I get additional help?
A: Many of our sweepstakes will have built-in Help links to assist as you go. You can also send us an email to sweeps@searshc.com.