Wednesday, March 30, 2016

#winnerwednesday 3/30/16

We've heard from real winners about their prizes, and this is what they have to say:

"I used it [$85 in Shop Your Way points] for household product and I was overjoyed that I won." - Betty J. from Broadway, NC

"I used them [$75 in Shop Your Way points] to help purchase a recumbent exercise bike. This was my first step in becoming more healthy. So thankful for SYW!" - Sue N. from Lockport, IL

"It was one of the best prizes [Lawn Care Package] in time for spring and I was so excited about the power and size of the weed trimmer. The chainsaw was the top of the top." - Jerry H. from Charleston, WV

"Thanks SYWSweeps. My prize [$75 in Shop Your Way points] helped out with birthdays for both my little ones. Thanks to you, I could get them what they wanted without breaking the bank." - Garth D. from Shelby, NC

Have you won a prize with Sweeps? Share your winning story!