Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#winnerwednesday 5/18/16

Let's give Veronica B. from Chicopee, MA a big congrats for winning a Kenmore fridge in the Baby It's Cold Inside instant win game!

"I had just gotten my son on the bus and I decided that I was gonna spend a few minutes playing Sweeps. I was starting to doze off as I clicked on this instant win game. I closed my eyes for two seconds. As I opened my eyes, I saw the notification that I was a potential winner of the Kenmore fridge. I was extremely excited since it was my first big win on Sweeps. No one believed me until I received my confirmation and in only just a short few days later, my fridge arrived. The delivery service was more than accommodating getting the fridge in my house. I love the fridge. It has so much more space and it's energy efficient. I play Sweeps faithfully every day and recommend to all my friends and family that they should play. It definitely was an exciting experience. Thanks for the opportunity to share my story."

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