Wednesday, October 12, 2016

#winnerwednesday 10/12/16

Our members are winning prizes--big and small! Every prize is making a HUGE impact!

"I won $500 in the sports tickets you want instant win! Can't wait to go on an ultimate sports date with my husband! So excited! Thank you Shop Your Way!" 
- Tammy 

"I have been winning points. Not a lot maybe just 500-1000 a day but its really going to help for Christmas this year."
 - Heather 

"So far have only won points, but they sure do add up! Have used them to buy my daughter a microwave, and two pairs of shoes. Used them to buy our grandson his first tool. Have bought myself clothes and expensive shoes almost for free. Was able to buy my husband clothes, tools and three pairs of footwear including a beautiful pair of boots. All these things have been incredible bargains that we couldn't have afforded without all the points I have accumulated. Thanks so much for making this possible!" 
- Bev 

What have you won? We want to hear about your win and we might just feature your story on our blog!  Share your story